Some future plan of yooba

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Hello,Yooba supporters and YOO holders:

I will tell you some future plan of Yooba.

As you all know.Our ICO is on going now ( market for the entire encrypt field is not very good now.And we have limit fund for promotion project. Maybe the ICO is not going very well for this time.But it is ok.We want to make Yooba dream come true.No matter what happens, we will find a way out.

The ICO is still as its time and plan going.Our ICO period is 2018-08-10 to 2018-09-30.If ICO reach the soft cap but not sell out the left YOO will process as follow image

Image text

If the ICO not reach the soft cap.We will return all ETH from buyer and buyer should return YOO got from ICO to us.We will make a ethereum contract to do this.If some users insist on holding the YOO they bought and continue to support us. We will not return their ETH.

If the ICO time end and not reach the soft cap.We will use plan B. In fact, no matter how the market is, no matter how ICO, we will continue to develop Yooba.We will always find a way out.In plan B, the left ICO YOO after refund will only sell on official site ( and sell begin at 2018-10-05.And there is no end time until it is sold out.The maximum selling volume per day is limited to 100 million.The price is as follow image

Image text

In summary, regardless of whether ICO is successful, 45% of YOO will not reduce the price of sales. And when the ETH price is less than $200, the above price will increase.

Why we make this plan? When Yooba is a baby and not strong enough, we need to protect it and not let the market decide the fate of Yooba. Because in the early stage of Yooba, it has not been widely used,the price of YOO is easily violently fluctuated by the market. We want to guarantee its lowest value. We have seen many new projects drop from around 1000BTC to more than 100 or dozens of BTCs.When it dropped to dozens of BTCs, it was difficult for the team to maintain for a long time, and the project was basically dead. And when the market value is very low, some people may acquire a large number of low-priced tokens, which limits the potential of the future development of project.

So when project is a baby we need time to develop and should protect it more.

In this way, we will not worry about the market volatility and early immaturity will affect the future of Yooba.