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I have a big dream. I hope that the world will be flatter and more harmonious. And I hope that these will come sooner. why? The “flat” here mainly refers to the fact that the status between the country and the country, the clan and the clan is more equal,the economy and trade, the culture are more harmonious, and the barriers are getting less and less. The flow between people is more frequent. The whole world is more fair and peaceful.

I think it is almost impossible to achieve these in a wide range by relying on pure moral covenant constraints and the improvement of ideology and culture. Because there will always be many people who have a strong possessiveness. Some of these desires can promote the development of human civilization, and some will hinder or even destroy human civilization.

We need more external strength, more natural, and more equitable power to help humans develop rapidly. These forces should not be in the hands of a few countries or a few people.

Throughout the ages, people’s interests have often been confined to a limited number of people or groups.Always exists some people or groups in these people or groups have a large voice in possessing important resources. As a result, transactions in a more unfair manner often occur in the exchange of interests. In order to obtain greater benefits, resource masters have increased their resources. This leads to other more unfair scenarios such as monopoly. Monopolists tend to limit the grow of their competitors, thus maintaining their monopoly position. The monopolistic organizations or groups have the vast majority of resources, and the way they use them is often to expand and consolidate their monopoly position. Rarely devoted to the natural development of things and the aspects of human progress consider investing resources.If these resources can be distributed because of the existence of certain mechanisms, they can be naturally dispersed to those that are more conducive to human progress and the rapid development of human beings, and will not lead to resource accumulation. And no one can completely control this mechanism, and this mechanism will also self-improvement. Then people will live together more equitably, harmoniously and happily.

The core of this mechanism I think is decentralization. And it is the decentralization of all aspects, not just the decentralization of one of the important aspects. It means that all aspects of the association are decentralized. If some aspects are not decentralized. Even if those aspects are not important, once it belongs to a certain system, it will become an important part of it and hinder decentralization. Although people want to decentralize, if someone can grasp the non-decentralized part of the system, he will not give up easily. And will find ways to keep their status. Just like no ordinary people do not want to have a bad emperor. But once someone of them became an emperor, he might do something he didn’t want to do in order to keep his emperor.We cannot put all expectations of fairness and freedom in the hands of even a good and intelligent person. Like the exchanges in the blockchain industry, They has gradually become a barrier to the development of this decentralization.It promoted the development of this decentralization in the early days, and it allowed many projects to extract strength from traditional markets to accomplish great things. But now the situation has changed. These exchanges have become an important obstacle to the development of decentralization. More and more resources are concentrated on the exchange, and consume on the exchanges. And only a small part of the resources are used for the development of actual projects. This in itself is not sustainable. There are no many projects that are widely used in real life, and where long-term traffic will sustain their profit growth. Over time, most of the projects will become weakened by constant consumption until they die. And no one will continue to invest in a place where money is lost, and eventually the source of funding from the traditional market will be less and less. The blockchain itself does not currently have the ability to quickly and widely apply to people’s daily lives, and it is not time to quickly generate enough value to sustain the development of its career. And all of this, these centralized parts hindered and hurt the cause.Of course, this is only one of them. There are also some well-known reasons, such as bad projects, the existence of fraudulent projects, etc., which are not listed here, because these exist in any industry.

Yooba itself can avoid interference from these centralized parts to some extent. This will be discussed later post. Of course this is not the reason why I started the Yooba project. The reason I started this project was not about the exchange, not even about the blockchain.

The reason why I launched the Yooba project has already been said. I have a dream, I hope that the world is more flatter and more harmonious. After I learned about the blockchain, I found it very suitable for my goal. So I chose it. The core of the blockchain is decentralization.

However, the development of blockchain has encountered many problems. Technical issues I will not discuss in this post will appear in future articles. One of the most important issues is that it is difficult to apply perfectly to real life. Especially in physical related applications. For some virtual digitized scenarios, blockchains can often do very well. But in fact, most of the scenes that people touch in life are more or less related to the real thing. Therefore, the blockchain must be able to solve the daily application scenarios of people, in order to shine.

Yooba’s goal is to create a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem. People can freely, safely, and privately conduct various kinds of trading and services. People in the whole world can trade freely and fairly. Consumers can purchase a variety of different products and services through an account, visit a variety of different websites, experience a variety of different life, and never expose their private data everywhere like traditional transactions. This can promote the rapid development of people’s trade and culture in various countries. Thus forming a situation in which you have me, I have you, people are more understanding and tolerant, and there are more choices. Countries can learn from each other, promote each other, and develop more equitably. Thereby preventing resources from being concentrated in certain areas, thus preventing forming a monopoly and dominance. It also indirectly safeguards peace and fairness. Some underdeveloped areas and relatively backward areas can quickly learn from the experiences and achievements of successful regions. Thus the world is more and more developed. Whether they are poor or wealthy, whether developed or backward, they can develop more equitably in this more open and transparent system.

There are more technical implementations for Yooba, and implementation details will appear in future posts.