Yooba's airdrop strategy

posted by flyye on

In order for Yooba to have a larger initial user base and also for Yooba to truly serve a larger user community, We decided to use 20% tokens for airdrops. About 100,000 to 200,000 users will hold Yooba token (symbol as YOO) when airdrops are completed. Each airdrop user(address) will get 10000~20000 YOO.

To make airdrops more efficient, reduce the probability of airdropping the address that have already been abandoned. We will use several ways to select eth addresses at the same time.

  • We has our filtering strategy that collect many addresses and then airdrop them randomly.
  • Screening some addresses from some well-known projects and airdrop them randomly.
  • From the recent history of ETH transactions, a large number of addresses are selected under certain conditions and airdrop randomly.
  • A few tokens will be airdrop to the community.You can join https://t.me/yoobaproject to get more opportunities for our airdrop.

Important stages of airdrops or important results will be announced on the blog and Yooba twitter https://twitter.com/YoobaProject.

##focus our airdrop keep eyes at our airdrop on twitter to get bigger opportunities to be the lucky guy.